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CIC was founded by Carsten Creutzburg in the beginning of 2018 after more than 20 years of working for and with a variety of different insurance brokers and governmental insurance institutions in Germany, China and South East Asia. The experience gained and the ideas developed over these years turned into a strong driver to start Creutzburg insurance Consultancy firm.


When it comes to advising clients in any insurance matter, the difference with other insurance brokerages will be the integral approach to the different insurance sectors: rather than limiting CIC’s services to a specific type of insurance, such as medical coverage, CIC will find the best available products in terms of coverage and price in every insurance field, providing a customized package that will cover all required insurances and will save the clients a lot of time and money compared to following a singular agent approach.

At CIC we will define your exact requirements with you and will only offer insurance solutions that are in your benefit and best suited for your individual needs.

We strongly believe that insurances should be a fair balance between the premium costs and the services and coverage of the insured person. For some insurance fields such as health insurance or income protection as an example we have to admit that this balance has given way to a great disadvantage to the insured person compared to the annual profit rates of the insurance companies. At CIC we have made it our mission to tip the scale back to balance and will do our utmost best to find the insurance solution that is for you.

Please do not hesitate to contact CIC for more information or an initial meeting to analyze your current insurance arrangements for potential improvement.

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Sincerely yours

Carsten Creutzburg

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