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Have you ever left your home and an hour later or so you start doubting whether you did indeed switch off the oven, or cooktop, or closed the water tap in the garden or had similar concerns? Now, commonly nothing happened, because you did it, or you were lucky and there were no serious consequences.


But! It can happen that you are not so fortunate and your kitchen is ruined, or perhaps even your entire home. In such situations, a Home Content Insurance comes in very handy. These Insurances can cover your property or just the content (if rented) to protect you against financial risks in case of any losses or damage to your home, caused not only by fire, but also water or theft for example.


Within a Household Insurance you usually have the choice of including several types of protection; such as loss occurring in regard to one's home (the property itself), plus or just the content, additional loss of use (living expenses), and also loss of personal possessions, as well as the possibility of covering the owner’s liability for accidents that may happen in conjunction with the property. Some insurers offer additional coverage such as Domestic Servant or even Pet Insurances.


The property part of a Home Insurance will usually cover the reinstatement value of the property and renovation costs. In addition, it’s also possible to include other benefits such as a loss of rent for example. Meanwhile, if the content is include in such insurance, your personal possessions can be covered worldwide as well.

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