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Travel Insurances include several parts which many people are not aware of and therefore perhaps buy an insurance they actually don't need; just because most short term travel insurances seem inexpensive anyway. The most common reasons to buy travel insurances are either to be insured for medical risk outside of their area of coverage and / or for visa application purposes. Many people however, do not realize that they already insured through either their emergency cover at their privat health insurance, or through other channels such as creditcard packages or others. It is worth looking into your existing insurance portfolio even you would only save couple bucks (and these travel insurances usually cover only short trips).

Nevertheless, if you need a travel insurance then most insurer provide health & life benefits, travel inconvenience coverage, as well as additional protection such as sports coverage and more. The travel inconvenience part however is the most expensive part within a travel insurance policy. These are things like coverage for flight cancellations, flight delays, lost or delay luggages, loss of personal items or money, as well as travel documents and much more.

In addition, most insurance companies with a short term travel insurance option offering also a version for long term travel medical insurance. These policies usually serve a different purpose such as studying abroad for some time, or work & travel, or just take a longer break for some time. For different groups different specialized products exist and because every person and the individual situation is different there is no universal solution for everyone. These long term travel medical insurances are usually much more affordable than a real private health insurance, but come along with some negative sides everyone should be aware of before signing up.

If you want to learn more about Travel Insurances and the differences in contrast to private medical insurances then get in touch!

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